Hearing Aid Fittings

If you recently had a hearing test and were found to benefit from hearing aids, the next step is the hearing aid fitting.

A hearing aid fitting is key to ensuring that you receive the most benefit from your hearing aids. Otherwise, they may not fit well or may not be programmed to best suit the individual client. Therefore, for both comfort and the best hearing experience, a hearing aid fitting is essential.

We'll work with you to figure out what you need and offer helpful recommendations on what to do next. Here's what you should know about hearing aid fitting and what to expect during the procedure.

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Step #1: Select a hearing aid

Assessing your needs and determining what you want from your experience are the first steps in selecting a hearing aid. Several factors can influence your choice of hearing aids, including:

The results of the hearing test:

The alternatives available to you are determined by the severity of your hearing loss, so we will discuss your audiogram results with you. People with profound hearing loss, for example, may not be able to use specific devices meant for mild or moderate hearing loss. We'll show you which models will produce the best outcomes for your situation.

Your hearing aid preferences:

If you prefer a specific type of hearing aid, we'll show you what options are available. Although not everyone is compatible with every style of hearing aid, your preferred type may be among your alternatives. If you have a specific hearing aid in mind, make sure to mention it.

Your lifestyle:

You might want a hearing aid that can keep up with you if you live an active and social lifestyle. Those who do not want additional accessories or functions, on the other hand, may prefer a basic hearing aid. This is your chance to discuss your lifestyle, expectations, and hearing goals with us.

Once we have all of the necessary information, we can start generating a list of hearing aids that might be suitable for you. Again, these ideas will be tailored to you and your experiences, and you should be able to find something that you enjoy.

Step #2: The hearing aid fitting

The hearing aid fitting process begins once you've made your decision on your preferred hearing aid. We'll place your order for hearing aids, and after they arrive, you'll be able to come in for your first hearing aid programming appointment. If you've ordered a custom-fit in-the-ear hearing aid, you may need to return or wait longer for sizing.

Programming is a crucial step in customizing your hearing aid to your needs. Because each person is unique, we will enter your preferences and conduct testing to ensure the hearing aid prescription corresponds to your audiogram. 

During this time, you are welcome to ask questions, and here are a few to consider:

"How do I replace my battery?" 
"Can you tell me how to clean my hearing aids?"
"How can I change the volume?" 
"How do I make use of specific features?"

There's no shame in asking questions, and we're here to ensure you leave their office informed. After we've answered all of your questions, you may go home and start getting used to your hearing aids.

Step #3: Adjusting to your new hearing aids

It may be challenging to adjust to wearing hearing aids if this is your first time. Establishing a wearing routine, where you can spend a little time each day getting used to different sounds, is something we recommend.

Because the region of your brain that controls hearing isn't acclimated to processing sound, the process of restoring your hearing can take some time. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to completely get used to your new hearing aid. Wearing your hearing aids every day can assist in accelerating this process, so stick to it, and you'll be reconnecting with your loved ones in no time.

Following up with us will allow you to fine-tune your experience, modify the physical fit of your hearing aids, and seek advice for tricky situations.

Now that you know what a hearing aid fitting entails, it's time to schedule your hearing test! Book an appointment with us today.