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Family Hearing Care Center

Over 26 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss. This means that each of us could be affected, either directly or indirectly. A hearing loss not only affects the impaired individual but also the loved-ones around him/her. The entire family may find that they have to make changes to accommodate the individual’s loss of hearing. And that’s why we call ourselves the Family Hearing Care Center.


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Our Services

Family Hearing Care Center provides a variety of hearing healthcare services including hearing assessments and rehabilitation, education, and counseling. Our clinic also fits and dispenses sophisticated hearing aids and related devices to suit all types of hearing loss and lifestyles. Assessments regarding the level of amplification that would be best suited to our patients are generally completed following a comprehensive hearing evaluation by a qualified hearing healthcare professional.

We also actively participate in the prevention of hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protective devices, consultation on the effects of noise on hearing, and consumer education.


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Family Hearing Care Center

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